Monday, May 21, 2012

The End.... At Least for Now

After much thought, prayer and consideration I have decided to discontinue blogging at 'There is a Day.'  It has been a wonderful journey, first with 'Adventures of MinLib' and, later, with 'There is a Day.'  I went from blogging quite regularly about life, ministry and pets to blogging only sporadically these past couple of years.  Through this blog I connected with the RevGalBlogPals and became a ring member.  That was a fruitful connection that I will continue to appreciate.

My blogging energy has shifted focus lately.  I now regularly blog at two different places:

FUMC Pastor's Blog
The Bady Partnership

My Pastor's Blog contains reflections primarily for my congregation around issues, events and ideas that we are pondering.  The Bady Partnership reflects my work around healing from trauma and my research and reflections in the area of PTSD.  It also celebrates the work I do with my Working German Shepherd Dog, Bady. 

If there are still any 'There is A Day' readers out there, thank you for being part of the journey.  Much of what I enjoyed sharing here I now share on Facebook.  I'm not saying I won't revisit 'There is a Day' if a compelling reason arises in the future, but for now I am closing my browser and stepping away.  Blessings to all!

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Jay Furr said...

See you on the other blogs.