Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Parsonage Edition

Each of the three parsonages we have lived in have had their good points and their bad points. Our first parsonage had a great, new kitchen, but the rest of the house needed a lot of work. It was also located on a very busy street and trash would routinely accumulate in our yard. Our second parsonage was in a very quiet neighborhood and had a big fenced in back yard that the dogs loved. It was a nice house, but never really felt like "home" to me. There was something about the layout that didn't work for me. Also, the kitchen was.... okay. It was a step down from our previous kitchen, but everything worked.

Our current parsonage is in a great neighborhood. The backyard could be bigger according to Bady. (He never gets a full-on run while chasing his ball.) I love the quirky-older-house quality of this parsonage. There are nooks and crannies and nothing feels cookie-cutter about it. It has felt like "home" from our very early days here.

The kitchen, though, was the sore spot of the house. The cabinets were original to the house and the doors were starting to sag on their hinges. The bottom cabinets had no 'bottom.' Anything on the bottom shelf of the bottom cabinet was actually sitting on the floor. The floor as also original to the house complete with seam down the middle and nasty scuffs. The Trustees tried to spruce things up before we arrived by rehanging the cabinet doors and doing some painting, but the kitchen was clearly the saddest room.

Still, I don't write any of this to complain because we were certainly content with the kitchen as it was. Being adaptable is part of parsonage living. We just figured we were destined to so-so kitchens after our first parsonage kitchen jack-pot. And there is so much else that we love about this parsonage that the kitchen didn't seem like that big of a deal. Sure, we would occasionally complain about the squeak of the cabinet doors, the 'antique' range and I was annoyed that the kitchen floor never looked clean, but still.... there are a lot worse things than an out of date kitchen.

And then...... in a surprising turn of events our Charge Conference voted to designate some money from a recent bequest to renovate the parsonage kitchen. The demolition was on Monday! Now our kitchen looks like this:

And soon it will look completely different! This is the first parsonage renovation project we have lived through. It is rather stressful having all the kitchen stuff stashed everywhere but the kitchen and having contractors in and out, but it is also exciting. The projected completion date is a week from today. I just hope we don't get too spoiled for our next parsonage :)

I'll update with "after" photos soon (hopefully)!