Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Reflections: 37 Isn't So Bad

I turned 37 on Thursday. I remember when my parents were 37 and they seemed so old. (Sorry Mum!) I guess it is all a matter of perspective, though. So far 37 has been pretty good. I worked on Thursday and celebrated in the evening with cake and ice-cream after Gary got home. On Friday we went the new indoor water-park at Jay Peak where we floated on the 'lazy river,' relaxed in the hot tubs, tried out the water-slides several times, and just generally had fun. It was probably a birthday celebration more suited to a 12 year-old than a 37 year-old, but I don't care. It was great!

And speaking of being 12 years-old......... Last Sunday I had someone tell me that I look like I could be 12 years old. I'm sure the comment stemmed partly from the fact that I don't fit the stereotype of what a pastor is supposed to look like. Ever since I was appointed to my first church at 25 I've been fielding comments about not looking 'old enough.' I've been told I look like a teenager, etc. But really, 12 years old??? Perhaps I don't look 37, but I certainly don't look 12. When I was a new pastor at 25 I didn't think I would still be hearing comments about my age when I was 37.

But, anyway, I am 37 and I went to the water-park for my birthday and it was fabulous! Happy Birthday to me :)

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