Monday, February 20, 2012

Seven Random Happy Thoughts

Happy Day :)

1. I made chocolate chip cookies today. Two batches! I hadn't made any cookies since our marathon cookie bake-off before Christmas. We like to freeze them (and eat them frozen or dunk them in hot chocolate), so the two batches will last quite a while. And the house smells delicious.

2. I felt the Spirit move among us in worship yesterday. I love when that happens!

3. I'm keeping up pretty well with the PT exercises for my knee. Last week my therapist told me that she is seeing improvements and I am headed in the right direction. That was good motivation to help me keep up with these 20-30 minute exercises 3 times a day.

4. Bady let me sleep until 7:30 this morning. Yay!

5. Yesterday, thanks to talented and creative members of our congregation, we had a Mardi Gras party after church! It was a great celebration with good food, fellowship, decorations, and community building. I love to see the Narthex packed with people having fun and in no hurry to leave.

6. I've discovered 'Downton Abbey' through streaming Amazon video. It is so good! I'm trying to savor the episodes and not watch them all at once. One a week will last me for quite a while, but it's tempting.....

7. Belated Valentine's Dinner a Leunig's Bistro was fabulous. I'd never had Gnocchi before and I discovered that I really like it. (And the scallops were cooked to perfection!)


Jay Furr said...

It may be self-aggrandizing to say this, but I really like it when we can get people to stay after church and not leave, too. I know that over-the-top fellowship time efforts like the ones Carole and I do are sort of missing the point -- it really shouldn't be about baking up stuff that people just have to try; it should be about people hanging around talking because they WANT to. But unfortunately, life being what it is, people often come out of the sanctuary after worship thinking of errands they have to go run and stuff they've got to do... and I don't blame them for sometimes wanting to hurry out.

I really like it when a church community is a community and not just a bunch of people who join together once a week for an hour. I know I've only been a member of Faith UMC for a couple of years, and thus I don't really know all the ways people gather and meet, but still... it does my heart good to see people standing around smiling and having a good time after church.

Pastor Krista Beth said...

Yes, Jay. I agree completely. I love it when the church really becomes community. I wouldn't say that your fellowship time ideas miss the point. I would say the provide the vehicle for community building to happen!