Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Random News: My Knee!

Last week I started Physical Therapy on my knee. This came about after an unsuccessful skiing trip in January. I had been noticing some pain in my knee while running on the treadmill and going down stairs but it all came to a head when I put the ski boot on and was immediately unable to walk. Yikes!

My Physical Therapist is very nice. She certainly put me through my paces! I have several exercises to do each day to strengthen the muscles around my knee with the ultimately goal of guiding my knee cap into a healthier place.

I'm glad to be getting treated with the hopes of avoiding a larger problem down the road! It is a little frustrating, though, since jogging is now not recommended and it is something I have really enjoyed. Maybe I will be able to start again after my treatment. This is also a reminder that ~ turning 37 next month ~ I am getting older!

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Jay Furr said...

I had to go through physical therapy last year after injuring my iliotibial band (right where it joins the left knee) while running. It wasn't fun and I wasn't always as diligent with my exercises as I ought to have been, so I didn't recover as quickly as I would have liked.

I'll pray for your recovery. It sounds like you're in good hands.