Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Funk

I feel like I've been in a funk the past couple of weeks. It's nothing serious. I just don't feel like I have much motivation lately. My get-up-and go got-up-and went! I expect this kind of funky-feeling in November when the days are getting shorter and winter is making its arrival known. For some reason I by-passed the November funk this year and it popped up in February!

It probably has something to do with my knee problems and the fact that winter hasn't really arrived. Last February I spent most of my free time shoveling, so I didn't have time for a funk and I was getting plenty of endorphins from all the exercise. It may also have something to do with my Dad's birthday on February 7th ~ the second birthday he has not been around to celebrate.

Today has been a good day with a trip to the gym, a movie this afternoon, cupcakes in the oven for tomorrow's church pot-luck and an interesting recipe to try tonight. I've also got some work for The Bady Partnership to keep my busy this evening. Hopefully my February funk will be short-lived. I'm noticing already that it is staying light much later. Dare I hope that Spring is just around the corner........

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Jay Furr said...

You're not the only one suffering from funk. I've got no mental energy to do anything the last week or two.

I need to get refocused. Perhaps Lent will help with that.