Sunday, January 01, 2012

Fabulous Furries: Best Picture of Zeke Ever

Zeke isn't know for being particularly photogenic, but this Christmas Day picture does capture some of his best qualities. First, you can see that cute little black nose that usually blends with the rest of his fur. Then there are his big, beautiful, amber eyes. For a 16 year old cat, I think he is looking quite dapper! (From this picture one might even mistake him for a friendly cat.)

Zeke has been with me since before seminary. He has accompanied me to each of the churches I've served. I've been with Zeke longer than I've been with Gary! Most of the time he doesn't seem like an "old" cat, but at 16 I know anything can happen. I have to admit that the possibility that Zeke won't make it to see 2013 has crossed my mind. We've joked that Zeke will out live all of us out of spite, but I suspect that won't be the case.

So I am happy to have the good picture of my cute but elderly little man. 2012 may be the Year of the Dragon, but in our house it will always be the Year of the Cat!


Crimson Rambler said...

he's very handsome! I do like a BLACK cat, I admit.

NE/ME said...

Happy New Year to Zeke - he didn't even hiss at me my last visit! xoxo