Monday, June 20, 2011

We Did It!

Introducing Bady aus der Ritemberg, BH! Last weekend we earned our first Schutzhund title! You can probably tell by the look on that furry face that Bady is pretty proud of himself. And he should be! He demonstrated his ability to stay down under distraction, perform formal obedience, behave in traffic situations, interact with a crowd, and remain indifferent on a down (with me out of sight) as another dog walked by him. He did amazing!

Indeed I am very proud of both of us! Thinking back to where we were two years ago, this is an amazing accomplishment. We have worked very hard together and had great fun doing it. We are definitely a happier team ~ in life and in work ~ for all that we have done together.

Now we can move on to out next Schutzhund title, which will be our Schutzhund 1. There are three phases to the Schutzhund 1 ~ obedience, tracking and protection! We have done a lot of obedience and a fair amount of protection, but tracking will be new to us. Let's get started!

P.S. Joke shared at our Holy Humor Worship last Sunday: What do they call pastors in Germany? German Shepherds! (Woof)


Songbird said...

This sounds wonderful for both of you! Congratulations!

Linda's Voice said...

I like your blog! Also was wondering if you would like to follow my blog?