Monday, June 20, 2011

We Did It!

Introducing Bady aus der Ritemberg, BH! Last weekend we earned our first Schutzhund title! You can probably tell by the look on that furry face that Bady is pretty proud of himself. And he should be! He demonstrated his ability to stay down under distraction, perform formal obedience, behave in traffic situations, interact with a crowd, and remain indifferent on a down (with me out of sight) as another dog walked by him. He did amazing!

Indeed I am very proud of both of us! Thinking back to where we were two years ago, this is an amazing accomplishment. We have worked very hard together and had great fun doing it. We are definitely a happier team ~ in life and in work ~ for all that we have done together.

Now we can move on to out next Schutzhund title, which will be our Schutzhund 1. There are three phases to the Schutzhund 1 ~ obedience, tracking and protection! We have done a lot of obedience and a fair amount of protection, but tracking will be new to us. Let's get started!

P.S. Joke shared at our Holy Humor Worship last Sunday: What do they call pastors in Germany? German Shepherds! (Woof)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Road Trips

This is the month of road trips! Memorial Day weekend we drove down to Merrimack, NH to watch our first Schutzhund Trial. Bady went with us and I was able to work him on their field. It was good practice for our upcoming trial! We made the trip in one day ~ three hours down and three hours back.

Last weekend we went up to Maine to celebrate our niece's high school graduation. At 5 1/2 hours the trip was shorter than I thought it would be. We went Saturday and came back Sunday. We had a great time celebrating with Shelby. (How could she be old enough to graduate from high school?) We also visited with Gary's parents and surveyed tornado damage!

This week it is off to Annual Conference. That will be another 3 1/2 hour trip but I will have good company. Two of our equalization members will be joining me for the ride down and back. The Conference is Wednesday through Saturday so we will have some time to recover from the drive before we have to head home.

The following weekend we will be going to our first Schutzhund Trial to participate! That will be held in Connecticut, so I anticipate meeting Gary down there and staying at least one night in Springfield. Along with getting our BH Title and cheering on our friend Ian as he goes for his Schutzhund 2, we hope to squeeze in a visit with Stephanie and Jake if it fits with their schedule. Then it's back for church on Sunday!

Finally, the last week of June we will make a trip to the Grove to celebrate my Dad's life. Ben will be with us by then and we will spend a couple days at our camp attending Dad's Memorial Service and visiting with family and friends. I anticipate it being both a happy and a sad time. Turning into the Grove knowing my Dad isn't there (at least not in the same way he had been before) will probably be the hardest part.

After that I hope we can spend a couple of weeks at home. The cars (and our suitcases) will need a rest!