Monday, May 02, 2011

Nicky's Stone

Last fall we said good-bye to our beloved Border Collie, Nicky. Since then we've all missed Nicky a lot. While we wouldn't wish him back in the condition he was in, we remember those joyful times when he was a younger pup who enjoyed walks, playing and treats!

After Nicky died we brought his ashes to Empire Grove where we sprinkled them on the ball-field where he enjoyed running around. Nicky had lots of good times at Empire Grove. My favorite remembrance of Nicky at the campground is of him running beside my Dad as Dad drove along on the golf cart. The first time I remember realizing Nicky was getting old was when he could no longer keep up with the golf cart as Dad sped around the circle.

With Nicky's ashes at Empire Grove (where my Dad's ashes are as well), we decided we wanted to have a remembrance of Nicky we could keep at home. We placed this stone (Vermont granite) in our garden last weekend. (The garden looks a little sparse now, but will soon be in blossom!) It is a good size stone, but small enough for us to take with us when we move so "Nicky" can always be part of our garden! It is placed near an iris which was Nicky's 'flower.' Every year we took his picture next to the yellow iris at our parsonage in Connecticut. Nicky will feel right at home here.

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