Monday, April 04, 2011

Dreaming of the Field

Well, the weather might not be cooperating with Bady and my goal of going for our BH Title on April 30th. We train as much as we can inside and around our house and the church, but there is nothing quite like getting out on the field. There are several exercises we have to practice that require field time. I did a field check with our trainer today and learned that it is still pretty snow covered. The areas not covered with snow are soggy and wet. We need several more days of sunny, warm weather (along with no precipitation) before we can get out on the field.

Such is life in Vermont, but that's okay. There are a number of Trials coming up in the Spring that we might be able to attend. Trials we be scheduled for the fall as well. In the meantime, we enjoy our training and I continue to study my rule book!

At four years old, Bady will probably be the oldest GSD going for his BH. I came late to Schutzhund as well, so we make a good team. Hopefully there is grace in Schutzhund, just like there is grace is the life of faith. We do the best we can under the circumstances we have before us, we acknowledge where we need to work harder, and we accept every new day ~ with its opportunities and challenges ~ as a gift!

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