Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabulous Day

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and our pre-service preparations were a bit hectic. The big thing was the Palm Parade! Our Church School youth and children planned a parade complete with chanting and waving of palms. There was also a reading and music involved. In addition to the Palm Parade, preparations were being made for our after worship lasagna lunch.

After running (in heels) up and down the hallway a few times to ask questions and make sure were were all on the same page for the parade, I limped exhausted into the Sanctuary where I ran into Joe. Joe also was wearing many hats yesterday ~ liturgist, power-point coordinator, fudge-maker for lunch, etc. I said to Joe, "This is a busy day!" To that he replied, "It is a fabulous day!"

That was just what I needed before worship. Instead of going into worship exhausted, Joe's comment allowed me to enter the worship moment filled with anticipation. It was a fabulous day and we were all there ~ with our many hats ~ to share it. Fabulous!

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