Monday, March 21, 2011

Late Thirties

It is official. I am now in my late-thirties. Well, I could probably argue to hold on to 'mid-thirties' for another year, but considering how long I held on to 'early-thirties' I should probably just accept it. I am well on my way to 40!

As a child, 'thirties' seemed so old! I thought my parents were hopelessly ancient when they were in their mid-thirties. Being around them seemed almost embarrassing. Yet I still feel young and.... well, probably not hip, but at least not totally out of it. But the truth is that I am out of it. I am not hip. I am not cool. Ben probably feels embarrassed when forced to be seen with me! But I am happy.

Last week I was visiting my Mom for my birthday. She still feels young, and I do too. My Gram still felt young when she was in her eighties. What a gift!

So, I am happy to be 36 this year. Happy Birthday to me! And 40.... here I come! (But first lets hit 37, 38, and 39!)


flask said...

happy birthday.

one of these days i'll get out to your church on a sunday morning.

here's a blog i think you should be following, at least for lent:

start at the beginning. the guy has a very interesting lenten fast.

and today's word verification?


how awesome is that? it fits right in with your theme of not feeling old!

Wendy said...

Happy birthday. I don't think you can go late thirties yet, though. Since I am in my extremely late thirites (I hold on to the decade for less than 2 more months) I'm saying 36 is definitely mid-thrities. Yep. Even 37. 38--you can say late thirties. I'm just saying...