Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Bells

Last weekend I officiated at my step-sister, Krissy's, wedding. Krissy and Eric have been together for three years and make a fantastic couple. Eric is a wonderful guy and I am so happy for them both. I pray that God blesses their journey.

However, I was surprised by how nerve wracking it is to be the wedding officiant for family. I figure I have celebrated about 20 weddings in my career. The vast majority of those, however, were for couples I did not know before and have not seen since. It is not that I didn't care about those, but I guess my care was on a different level. I wanted this ceremony to be flawless since I wanted only the best for Krissy and Eric on their special day. It was an emotional experience.

Emotional and exhausting! Usually my wedding responsibilities involve the rehearsal and the ceremony. After that, I can go home and put my feet up. This time, though, there was the rehearsal dinner, spa time before the wedding, pictures, and the reception following the service. Gary was also responsible for transporting my Dad, including loading and unloading him on the wheelchair lift into and out of the van. It was a challenge just keeping track of where we needed to be minute to minute! I'm glad I wasn't the bride :>)

And I certainly would not have done it any other way. The day was full of blessings, big and small. And it was a joy to be the first one to say, "Now I introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Kristina Wilson!"

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