Monday, August 23, 2010

Gardening Adventure

To bring you up to date on our gardening adventure, we have harvested a total of:

3 cucumbers
4 string beans
Several grape tomatoes
2 regular tomatoes
A whole bunch of basil
A bit of oregano
Enough Lettuce to make two salads
(A small stalk of broccoli is still growing)

There are a few tomatoes still on the vine and ripening but, other than that, our garden adventure is pretty much over. We shared our most recently harvested cucumber and grape tomatoes with Dad and Debbie during their visit last weekend. We took two cups of the basil and made pesto! The rest of the basil and the oregano ended up in the freezer to be used to season future meals.

Our gardening adventure was certainly fun. I wouldn't say that we have green thumbs, but we are getting there. Now that we've gotten our hands dirty and some experience under our fingernails, I plan to study gardening techniques over the winter so we can have even more fun next year!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Sounds a lot like my first year in the garden, although I have been rolling in the tomatoes and my cucumbers are still smaller than my pinky finger. Hoping they'll grow in before the caterpillars eat everything!