Monday, August 30, 2010

Things I Love about Fall

Everything except the temperature (90+ degrees!) is pointing to the fall. The UVM students have moved back in and started classes. The sun sets earlier. The public schools start this week. Even some leaves have started to turn.

I love the fall. I love wearing a light jacket and feeling the crisp air on my face. I love the beauty of the foliage in New England. I love the sense of starting fresh that returns every fall, despite the fact that is has been 10 years since I've been in school. Every fall I feel like I should be buying new pens and pencils and notebooks!

One things I am particularly looking forward to this fall is going lunar kayaking with Gary through our town Rec Department. I hope we will also be able to take a couple days to ramble around Vermont, hike and check out the scenery. Every season has it's blessings. Right now I am particularly thankful to God for fall!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gardening Adventure

To bring you up to date on our gardening adventure, we have harvested a total of:

3 cucumbers
4 string beans
Several grape tomatoes
2 regular tomatoes
A whole bunch of basil
A bit of oregano
Enough Lettuce to make two salads
(A small stalk of broccoli is still growing)

There are a few tomatoes still on the vine and ripening but, other than that, our garden adventure is pretty much over. We shared our most recently harvested cucumber and grape tomatoes with Dad and Debbie during their visit last weekend. We took two cups of the basil and made pesto! The rest of the basil and the oregano ended up in the freezer to be used to season future meals.

Our gardening adventure was certainly fun. I wouldn't say that we have green thumbs, but we are getting there. Now that we've gotten our hands dirty and some experience under our fingernails, I plan to study gardening techniques over the winter so we can have even more fun next year!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Today my morning devotions were interrupted by Gary and Ben coming downstairs for breakfast. This afternoon my Barnes & Noble Open Hours were interrupted by a visit from said husband and son. Both of these things are unusual occurrences for a Monday! Mondays are usually lonely days and the start of my solo workweek. Gary leaves early for work and doesn't return until Thursday evening.

Interruptions are often considered annoyances, but today they were more than welcome. It was a joy to share a few minutes at breakfast with those I love the most. Next Monday morning I will likely be able to finish my devotions uninterrupted. Gary will be on his way to Massachusetts for the week and Ben will be back in Michigan. I suppose it's true that life is lived in the interruptions,

Monday, August 09, 2010


This year was the third anniversary of the luminary display ~ a 'new' tradition at Empire Grove. The luminaries are purchased by individuals and the money goes to a worthy cause. This year's cause was ALS. I don't know how many luminaries circled the Grove, but over $800 was raised for the ALS Foundation. It was a very impressive display. At dusk the street lights were turned off and we walked around the circle by the light of the luminaries. Dad lead the way in his wheelchair. It was a beautiful display for a very good cause.