Monday, June 21, 2010

More Monday Musings

1. Annual Conference has come and gone. It was good to be together with my friends from New England. It was also good to be part of the Vermont contingent as they were welcomed into the new New England Conference. I had a unique view from both perspectives ~ Vermonters and New Englanders. It will be interesting to see how Vermonters and New Englanders shape and influence each other in the years to come to create a truly 'new' thing.

2. We've produced our first harvest-able vegetable! While watering the 'babies' last night Gary noticed a nice big, healthy cucumber hanging on the vine. I'm so proud I almost don't want to pick it! I've decided to take a picture before enjoying it on my salad.

3. Bady and I continue to train with our club and on our own. It is really amazing how much we have learned. He is the fast learner on our team, but I'm holding my own. I can't beleive how far we've come. If we've done this well in just a few months, Schutzhund USA better watch out! Seriously, it would be fun to participate in a trial at some point ~ and we probably will ~ but the true benefit is how we've grown together as a team and the fruit that can be seen from it in our daily life.


NE/ME said...

Hope there are more veggies when we come to visit. Glad you are taking good care of your babies. And, we all know that Bady is a fast learner!! Glad the team is doing well. xoxo

Ange said...

Mmmm...nothing like homegrown veges. My kids will even eat broad beans if they're from the garden...actually...that's not quite true. Did I just lie to a minister? My kids actually tasted broad beans because they were from the garden (right before they spat them out). Enjoy your cucumber. I'll bet you can taste the sunshine in it :)