Monday, June 14, 2010

Four on the Fourteenth

Here are four random reflections on this Monday afternoon:

1. Yesterday we hosted an Open House at our parsonage for church friends and neighbors. I'm not a 'natural' hostess, but with much planning (and a little stressing out) it turned out to be great fun! We had lots of people, plenty of food and a great, sunny day. The boys were even good. They kept quiet down in the basement while we 'partied' upstairs.

2. I went on my first bike ride on my new bike! I found that biking uses muscles that I apparently hadn't used in quite a while. Phew!

3. Last weekend I visited my Dad. He is doing well, although my definition of 'well' keeps changing. I am so proud of him. He continues to find ways to do the things he enjoys and he's quite adept at using his new electric wheelchair. And perhaps we all have a better sense of what is truly important. Life now involves several assistive devices and lots of rest, but he continues to show determination. I'm glad for the summer weather that seems to have lifted his spirits. Even so, ALS sucks.

4. Annual Conference is this week. I am ready to make my yearly pilgrimage to Wenham, MA for the gathering of New England United Methodist clergy and laity. It will be great to see old friends and, hopefully, make some new ones. Vermont will officially be joining the New England Conference, so we are a changing, transforming Conference!

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