Monday, April 26, 2010

Staying Focused

One of the things Bady and I are working on now is focused heeling. He has the heeling down pretty well, but sometimes he gets distracted by things in the environment (cars, other dogs, people, blowing leaves). When this happens we get out of sync and next thing we know I'm turning right and he is getting a leash correction. This will be a problem when we start working off leash!!

The connection between dog and handler is essential in Schutzhund. The only way you can have complete control is to have an unbreakable connection with your dog. It seems to me there is a lesson to learn here in our relationship with God as well. How connected am I to the guidance of God's Spirit? What distracts me? Am I ready to go off leash :>)

So now we are practicing staying focused. He is actually doing pretty well. See the ways he's looking at me as we're walking along? What a good boy!

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