Friday, June 05, 2009

Mixed Emotions

The past few weeks have been so busy. Of course, there's the packing. Then there was the Good-Bye Party at church. I've also been trying to visit our homebound members one last time before I leave. This week I put together my last few worship services. I have had (or will soon have) my last Council on Ministries, Ad Board and SPRC meetings. The past few weeks have also been filled with mixed emotions. Excitement, sadness, nerves, impatience, anticipation.....

Another important priority has been spending special time with the people I'm going to miss the most. One of those people is this little munchkin (and her Mommy and Daddy, too)! Gary and I had the chance to babysit Katie last Monday. She was such a good girl, and even let us take her for a stroll after dinner. She went down to sleep no problem. I think we passed the babysitting test! It was bitter-sweet, because I know I won't be able to spend as much time with her after we move.... But there is always Skype and e-mail and the phone and occasional visits. She assures me that I will always be her Auntie Krista.

As a pastor, I realize it is my responsibility to maintain appropriate boundaries with parishioners after I leave. It is generally understood that there will be no contact between parishioners and the former pastor for a year. They need to be able to bond with the new pastor, without interference on my part, and that makes sense. Yet some people ~ very few ~ become part of the make-up of your life. This has been the case with Katie's family. Our relationship has moved from parishioner to co-workers to friends to family. So I will be respectful of boundaries as we move on, but I won't be giving up this little munchkin or her 'peeps.' Just look at that face! How could I?

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