Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Wish

This afternoon, as I got into the Jeep to head home, I had a thought. It was fleeting, but the essence of it was: "I wonder if I will get a Valentine from Gram today?" Of course, Gram has been gone for more than four years now. I miss the notes and cards she would send throughout the year ~ and always on Valentine's Day. She would buy a "Hallmark" card, but embellish it with stickers and drawings and her own verse. Here's a poem I found in her journal, written for Valentine's Day 1994.


(Valentines Day 1994)

As quiet as snow falling
Or fog filling the valley
Still as a burning candle;
As a butterfly in flight,
As a vine seeking to cling.
Quiet as a seed breaking the ground
Is the feeling of being loved.

The years have gone by fast and it is still hard, at times, to believe that there will be no more Valentine's or Birthday Cards and notes 'just because.' Yet I know that she taught me something about the feeling of being loved, and for that I am thankful.

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