Friday, February 27, 2009

Quote of the Week ~ Things of the World

I am spending time in my daily devotion with John of the Cross. Here is a thought I found appropriate for Lent:

Divine Wisdom speaks, here, to all those who are attached to the things of the world. She tells them that she is dealing with great things, not small things, as they are. The riches and glory they love are with her and in her; not where they think. Lofty riches and justice are present in her. Although in their opinion the things of this world are riches, she tells them to bear in mind that her riches are more precious, that the fruit found in them will be better than gold and precious stones, and that what she begets in souls has greater value than cherished silver, which signifies every kind of affection possible in this life.

~ John of the Cross

Isn't it our constant struggle not to be attached to the things of the world? This struggle is part of my motivation for undertaking a weekly fast during Lent. I haven't figured out exactly what form my fast will take, but any kind of fast is going to be hard for me! I'll keep you updated and let you know how it goes.

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

fasting is sooo difficult... once upon a time my fast was going to be from television... it didn't turn out... the silence in the night got under my skin... but maybe partly that is what fasting is about... allowing silence to enter us in new ways.