Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quote of the Week ~ Postmodernism

For some reason it has taken me forever to get through Tim Keel's Intuitive Leadership. I think it is partly because I don't want to rush through it, but take the time to take it all it. It is probably also partly because life has been so hectic since Thanksgiving. In any case, I have one more quote from this book I would like to share.

Our church is embarking on a visioning process. Part of the process will be to discern who we were, who we are, an who we want to be. I'm sure issues of the "changing world" and all the anxiety that accompanies that discussion will arise. It's true that things have changed since the mainline protestant heyday of the 1950's. Yet it seems to me that too often we feel we have to have it all figured out before God can do God's thing ~ when the complete opposite is actually true. As Keel writes,

Meanwhile, many Christians sit wringing their hands and assume that the God of the cosmos revealed by Jesus Christ is confounded by a post modern world.

Let's not wring our hands, but be about God's work in God's world, trusting that God has great things in store for us. And, while we're at it, let's hold fast to our belief that God knows more about God's world, and our place in it, than our limited vision could ever process. Amen?

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Amen sister! Just last night at council... I rolled my eyes and said, "hey folks we are still trying to run things like the year is 1950. we have got. to. get. over. it." heh heh heh...