Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to 'Normal'

Now that I'm back to work, and things have settled down a bit, I can reflect on some Christmas / Holiday blessings.

1. Christmas was certainly busy this year, but it somehow seemed less stressful. I think part of the reason was that I let go of some of the expectation that everything had to be 'perfect' ~ both on the church front and at home. The Baby Jesus didn't come into a perfect world, so what makes me think my little corner of the globe must be?

2. Our Christmas visit to Maine was great fun. The car was filled to overflowing with our family (Me, Gary, Ben ~ 9 years old) and a giant German Shepherd! Bady did fantastic with the trip ~ both the traveling and the visiting. (Nicky stayed at the kennel and Zeke played watch-cat at home.) We spend three days with Gary's family and two days with my Dad and his family. It was great to catch-up with everyone.

3. The best part of visiting was that I didn't have any responsibilties. I needed that. I could just get up and dressed in the morning and the days happened without my having a plan anything. It was fabulous!

4. On a sad note, I was able to attend my Great Aunt Helen's funeral. She died the day after Christmas. She was my Gram's last sibling and was nearly 96 years old. I'm glad I was in the area and able to be there. It was an opportunity to say goodbye not just to Aunt Helen, but to a whole generation.

5. Ben was able to be with us for two whole weeks, including both Christmas and New Years. He is growing up so much ~ 9 years old and in the Fourth Grade. It is fun to see the changes in him during each visit, but it also reminds us how fast the time passes. He's not a little boy anymore, but moving into tween-hood. The memories we build during these visits will be cherished for a lifetime.

I guess that pretty much closes out 2008. We shall see what blessings (and challenges!) we encounter in 2009. Happy New Year!

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