Monday, December 08, 2008

Something Has to Give

With Christmas preparations, Charge Conference and many (many) pastoral concerns in the congregation, something has had to give and I guess it has been the blog. I haven't posted or been inspired to post much in the past few days. I will post a brief gratitude list and hope for more inspiration in the days to come!

Things I am thankful for this Monday:

1. A husband who will take a vacation day to do Christmas baking, shopping and wrapping.
2. A friend who will just listen, even when much of what I say does not make much sense.
3. A dog who will lay on the floor by my feet through a three (yes, three!) hour Charge Conference meeting.
4. A congregation that is willing to welcome a dog to the Charge Conference meeting!

1 comment:

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh... it is that time of year when there's sooo much to do that life is crazy... hooray for a canine friendly meeting!

take care of yourself...