Monday, November 24, 2008

Special Day

Yesterday was a very special day. I was blessed to baptize beautiful Katherine Grace. She was gorgeous in her long baptismal gown and it was a joy to see her whole family gathered around ~ along with her entire church family. She is a well loved little girl and our newest sister in Christ.

This was the first baptism I've officiated at where I have had such a close relationship with the family. I held Katie just hours after she was born. I've seen her grow and change these past five months. She smiles when she sees me. I'm her "Auntie" Krista.

I have to admit that coming down the chancel steps for the baptism my knees were shaking. The hymnal trembled in my hands as I asked her parents and sponsors the historic questions. I think I was nervous because I wanted all to go perfectly for this little girl and her family. Upon reflection I think I was also awed to be in the presence of such love and grace... God's love, experienced through the movement of the Holy Spirit and in the embrace of God's people, is truly amazing. So thank you Katie Grace. Yesterday was a day I will never forget.