Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quote of the Week ~ Presence

It's been a while, but I am back to blogging! I'll write more about my Continuing Education experience in a later post. For now, I'd like to share my quote of the week. This quote comes in the form of a video which is a must watch.

The Gift of Presence

Matt, Farrah, Melissa and Ben challenge us to celebrate Christmas in a different way. I thank them for their effort to share this message. While I am still out at the mall and shopping on-line, Gary and I have talked about ways we can celebrate Christmas more intentionally. I certainly feel a tension between honoring the true meaning of Christmas and making Christmas special for the children in our lives (i.e. full of gifts under the tree!). During this Christmas and Christmases to come, I hope to move more toward a more presence-centered celebration. I invite you to check out this video and join the "Gift of Presence" movement. Thanks Matt, Farrah, Melissa and Ben!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Special Day

Yesterday was a very special day. I was blessed to baptize beautiful Katherine Grace. She was gorgeous in her long baptismal gown and it was a joy to see her whole family gathered around ~ along with her entire church family. She is a well loved little girl and our newest sister in Christ.

This was the first baptism I've officiated at where I have had such a close relationship with the family. I held Katie just hours after she was born. I've seen her grow and change these past five months. She smiles when she sees me. I'm her "Auntie" Krista.

I have to admit that coming down the chancel steps for the baptism my knees were shaking. The hymnal trembled in my hands as I asked her parents and sponsors the historic questions. I think I was nervous because I wanted all to go perfectly for this little girl and her family. Upon reflection I think I was also awed to be in the presence of such love and grace... God's love, experienced through the movement of the Holy Spirit and in the embrace of God's people, is truly amazing. So thank you Katie Grace. Yesterday was a day I will never forget.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quote of the Week ~ Journey

Next week I will be attending a continuing education program on Mediation Skills. It is a Monday through Friday 8:30 - 4:30 class. From what I've heard, it is quite intense, and certainly life-changing, but completely worth it. The physical journey involves a plane ride, a rental car, and a hotel for five nights. Being somewhat of a homebody, I'm not so excited about this solo travel, but I'm sure I'll make some friends once I get there. As for the spiritual jounrey, who knows where that will take me! In the meantime, I've been reading Tim Keel's book Intuitive Leadership (recommended by scituatedrev). These lines spoke to both my excitement and trepidation!

When a person decides to embark on a journey, he or she begins an undertaking whose destination and outcome is often as unpredictable as it is unseen. In fact, not only do we often not know where we are going, we do not know who we will become or whether we will even recognize ourselves at the end of our paths.

Please pray for me as I embark on this spiritual, as well as physical, journey!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Walking on Water

The blogs have been quiet lately because I have been busy waking on water. Believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds! It takes a lot of energy. In fact, the past two days I've just been resting up from the experience.

Okay, so I haven't actually been walking on water. But I did attend WOW ~ Walk on Water ~ The New England Conference School of Congregational Development. I had the pleasure of being on the worship design team. It was great fun and I got to work with lots of interesting and creative people. Paul Nixon was the keynote speaker and shared with us many insights and ideas.

I'll be back to blogging soon, but my activity may be spotty for a while. Next week I head off to the Lombard Mennonite Peace Institute Mediation Skills Training for a five day intensive class. I'll post when can!