Friday, October 03, 2008

Final Wishes

One of the side benefits of reading Kate Braestrup's book Here if You Need Me was a conversation Gary and I had regarding our final wishes. Not to get morbid, but it is essential to tell your loved ones what you want to happen upon your death. Most importantly because it lessens the stress for those you leave behind. If you are clear about your wishes, they don't have to guess what you would have wanted.

So despite the fact that we are relatively young and, hopefully, have many years left together, Gary and I have given some thought as to what we would want at the end of life. Here are some of my requirements:

~ I want the disposition of my body to be done in the most environmentally friendly way possible. No embalming. No fancy vault-like casket that will preserve my remains forever. Cremation would be my choice. I want to go back to the earth ~ ashes to ashes, dust to dust, or something like that! I don't have a strong preference as to where to scatter my ashes, just somewhere beautiful and peaceful.

~ I don't want my family to go broke in the process. Please, no talk of "only the best for Mom." As far as I am concerned, the best would be for my family to celebrate my life by living. No limousines. No visiting hours. Just a nice Memorial Service at whatever church I had been attending followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall. A good, ole Methodist collation with lots of food and lots of laughter.

~ As for the service, I only have two requirements. I would like to be there ~ my urn, that is. To me, there is something about being brought back to the church, surrounded by the community of faith, one last time. And Marching to Zion has to be the final hymn ~ clapping and all!

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

you're right necessary conversations even if some think they're morbid!

some states have laws re: the embalming/vault type stuff... might want to check on that.

i've told 'em please no pink silk, no picutre of the lord's supper in the casket b/c i'm pretty sure i'll have a good idea what jesus looks like by that point... and no artificial flowers...