Friday, September 05, 2008

A Survivor's Journey

I learned of this amazing story while listening to "On Point" on NPR the other day. As a fellow survivor, I honor the courage and strength it took Joanna Connors to write this piece more than 20 years after she was assaulted. It is a long story, but powerful and I would encourage anyone to read it. At the bottom of the first screen there is a box titled "In this Package" that will guide you through this feature.

My story is different than hers, but resonates with much of what she writes ~ the feelings of pain, the wanting to forget, the fear, the sense of shame. I pray that as my journey continues I can be as strong and brave as Connors. In Part 1 she writes about her story:

When I decided to tell it publicly, I decided I would have to tell the raw, uncomfortable and sometimes painful truth. All of it, including things that I never spoke of before, the feelings that make me look bad. If I held back, then telling wouldn't help anyone. Including me.

Click here to read it in its entirety.

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