Friday, September 26, 2008

Suddenly September

I find myself looking at the calendar and noticing that ~ suddenly ~ September is all but gone! What happened to this month? Sure, there was Spirit Sunday, resumption of committee work, and clergy gatherings of various kinds! This was our first full month with Bady home and Katie Grace's first full month in the office. The days have gotten shorter and the nights cooler. Leaves are falling off the trees in cascading colors. Fall is fully upon us.

I like September because it means a return to the routine and ~ while a break in the routine is nice now and then ~ I am really a person who thrives on routine. For now dinner is in the crock pot and a chocolate cake is cooling on the stove. I will put an extra blanket on the bed tonight. I'm enjoying these last few days of September and my routine ~ a routine including my regular day off. May you be blessed by these warm days and cool nights and may your routine bring rest and moments of peace with cozy blankets, hot meals, and, of course, chocolate!

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