Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quote of the Week ~ Saint Catherine of Genoa

I am reading a small book titled Women Mystics edited by Carol Lee Flinders. These mystics have inspired and awed me and caused me to scratch my head.... huh?? Yet their faith and devotion is unquestionable. Here is an excerpt from the writings of Saint Catherine of Genoa.

Pure love does not attach itself to pleasure or feeling, bodily or spiritual. In the same way, a spiritual attachment that seems good is dangerous. It can mislead the Soul into attaching itself not to God but to those pleasurable sentiments; he who seeks the naked love of God must flee these sentiments. Bodily sentiments, by contrast, are obviously opposed to the Spirit, and the appearance of being good is not as persuasive - that is why they are less dangerous. Spiritual pleasures, however, are something of a poison against pure love of God. They are more difficult to eradicate once we become attached to them. Not to understand this is to be barred from the one perfect Good - God pure and naked.

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