Friday, September 12, 2008

Five on Friday

Well, this isn't the official Friday Five, but it is five things that are on my mind this Friday!

1. Yesterday I gave the invocation at a Community 9-11 "Hero's Tribute." I was a well planned and very well attended event. In my prayer I spoke of peace and compassion and remembrance. My question, though, is how do we balance remembering the victims and honoring our heroes with continued calls for retribution and revenge? After seven years and over 4,000 military deaths we still, in some ways, seem consumed with anger. How do we.... can we even... move past this anger to embody peace in our world community?

2. While I was at the 9-11 remembrance, my amazing and daring husband took both dogs (Nicky and Bady) for a walk... by himself... at the same time. Wow! I couldn't believe it!

3. I am all about Obama, but I still find myself oddly drawn to and curious about Sarah Palin. I can't stop reading about her, even though much of what I read I find appalling. Has anyone else had this experience?

4. I actually put "Visit the Farmer's Market" on my calendar for tomorrow. If we are going to start eating locally, we better be willing to get our butts out of bed to see what is actually available locally!

5. How did it get to be September? Is Sunday School actually starting THIS WEEK? Is our Consecration Sunday REALLY only six weeks away? And, most importantly, when will the new season of Grey's Anatomy begin?? If you know, please clue me in!

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