Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Table Grace

The theme for Campmeeting this year was "Table Grace." Our preacher, Rev. Catherine Howe Anderson, spoke on the different Scriptures where Jesus joins friends, sinners and others for meals. She related Jesus' experiences to our everyday life and brought the theme home. In addition to daily vespers, we shared our family table graces with each other and even created some original ones.

It was quite appropriate considering that we shared several meals together as a camp. We began each meal with a shared grace. I have to admit that the table grace is not a regular part of our home life for most of the year ~ I say 'most of the year' because when Ben comes for his visits he reminds us to say grace. We keep track of whose turn it is and share the table grace responsibilities. Perhaps we will make it part of our regular daily life from now on ~ even after Ben leaves. While I consider myself generally a thankful person, saying grace before a meal is an important reminder that all we have comes from God.

Now, here is a favorite table grace of mine... sung to the Superman theme song:

Thank you God for giving us friends
Thank you God for giving us family
For the food we eat
For the friends we meet
Thank you God... do do do do.... Amen,

(My thanks to my friend Stephanie who taught me this grace! Unfortunately the blog medium does not allow me to show the motions!)

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Melissa said...

Best grace ever! :-)