Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Five ~ Labor Day Edition

RevGal Singing Owl writes about Labor Day, "It is supposed a celebration of the working man and woman, the backbone of the American economy, the salt-of-the-earth nieces and nephews of Uncle Sam. With apologies to those in other countries, this is a Friday Five about LABOR. All can play. Put down that hammer, that spoon, that rolling pin, that rake, that pen, that commentary, that lexicon, and let's have some fun."

1. Tell us about the worst job you ever had.

Luckily I haven't had too many really bad jobs. Truth be told, I haven't had all that many jobs at all. I pretty much always knew I wanted to be a pastor. All my other jobs were basically a means to get to that end. There was the 'temp job' to took over seminary Christmas vacation one year. It was a great opportunity, but came at a really bad time in my life. It also coincided with the Ice Storm of '98. I quit after two days!

2. Tell us about the best job you ever had.

Besides being a pastor (which, in my most opinion, is the most awesome vocation) my job as a work study student in the seminary library was pretty good. I liked the work and, as a bonus, I met my husband, who was the library assistant at the time!

3. Tell us what you would do if you could do absolutely anything (employment related) with no financial or other restrictions.

I would love to be part of a new church start. Other than that, I would have to say that I am doing exactly what I love to do. I feel blessed.

4. Did you get a break from labor this summer? If so, what was it and if not, what are you gonna do about it?

We took a one week vacation to camp this summer. Honestly, I came back to work more exhausted than when I left! But it was still nice to get away. I am hoping for a few "daycations" this fall just to get out with Gary and the dogs, go for a hike, relax.

5. What will change regarding your work as summer morphs into fall? Are you anticipating or dreading?

I am such a creature of habit that I am actually looking forward to getting back to the more 'regular' fall schedule. Is that totally sad??

Bonus question: Is there a song, a book, a play, that says "workplace" to you?

I read Dilbert everyday. Even though my workplace does not resemble Dilbert's situation at all, there is still something true in that comic strip ~ funny, and rather disturbing, yet true. Does that count?

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