Monday, July 14, 2008

Quote of the Week ~ Anxiety

I hope to institute a new weekly feature on this blog... the "Quote of the Week." It will be taken from something I am currently reading that strikes me in a particular way. This week my quotes (I have two) come from the book Creating a Healthier Church by Ronald W. Richardson.

"The more sense of self we have and the more we experience ourselves as competent people, able to deal with the world's challenges, the less anxious we are." p. 49

"The job of effective church leaders is to help keep down the level of anxiety in the emotional system of the congregation."
p. 51

Anxiety is a hot-topic for me these days. Because of certain personal circumstances, I am feeling much more anxious in my daily life. I am trying hard not to let this anxiety filter into my work. For the most part, in my dealings with the congregation, I think I am able to be that non-anxious presence.

In fact, I am consciously trying to draw on that non-anxious energy in another area of my life ~ dog training. Our new dog, Bady, and I are going through a series of training sessions. Since dogs can sense our energy, I can't approach this anxious. I have to project calm, assertive energy.

We each experience this calm assertive energy in different ways. For me, I feel at my calm, assertive best when in the pulpit. As I go into each training session I try to channel that energy. Hopefully Bady and I will come through this nurturing each other's calm, assertiveness ~ able to face the world's challenges and make life as a whole less anxious!

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