Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Five ~ Summer Camp Edition

RevGal Mother Laura writes, "We're settling into our new new apartment, and after a lifetime at Montessori Katie is having a fantastic summer at YMCA day camp. Meanwhile, Nicholas is packing up for a week at Camp Julian, shared by the Episcopal dioceses of Los Angeles and San Diego. His lists of supplies and rules--except for the ropes course available to the teenagers and the ban on IPODs and cell phones--bring back memories of my own happy times at Y camp Ta Ta Pochon, funded by selling countless cases of butter toffee peanuts. So, in celebration of summer, please share your own memories and preferences about camp."

1. Did you go to sleep away camp, or day camp, as a child? Wish you could? Or sometimes wish you hadn't?

Camp Mechuwana was my summer camp destination for many years ~ first as a camper, then as a junior counselor, and, later, as an adult counselor. I attended a variety of camps, including music camp and swim camp. My first year (as a nine year old, I believe) I was completely and hopelessly homesick. It was so bad that my mother had to come and spend a night with me. Somehow my parents convinced me to go back the next year. Miraculously my homesickness subsided and it just got better every year!

2. How about camping out? Dream vacation, nightmare, or somewhere in between?

I guess camping is just in my blood. My family would go on a camping vacation every year when I was growing up. I still remember the green tent that was our 'home' rain or shine. Remembering those days bring my heart a lot of joy. I haven't done much 'camping out' as an adult. Maybe it's time!

3. Have you ever worked as a camp counselor, or been to a camp for your denomination for either work or pleasure?

Yes. Yes. And Yes. As I mentioned above, I went back to Mechuwana (our United Methodist Camp in Maine) as junior counselor and as a counselor while I was attending college and seminary. Since being a pastor, I've counseled at Camp Aldersgate, our UM Camp in Rhode Island. Camp Counseling is a lot of work (and, as an introvert, I tend it find it exhausting) but the rewards are many!

4. Most dramatic memory of camp, or camping out?

There was the time I was camp counselor and fell asleep during 'quiet time'. When I woke up, all my kids were gone! Turns out I slept through quiet time right into craft hour. All was well... they left for crafts without waking me. (But still, I probably shouldn't talk about this if I ever want to be camp counselor again!)

5. What is your favorite camp song or songs? Bonus points if you link to a recording or video.

I am a C. I am a C-H. I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N. And I have C-H-R-I-S-T in my H-E-A-R-T and I will L-I-V-E-E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y.

If you know it, sing along!


Auntie Knickers said...

Nice to hear from a fellow Maine-iac. It seems to me that more of us Northerners enjoy camping, the Southerners have had worse experiences. I enjoyed reading your reminiscences.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh yah... i am a C... i am a CH... haven't heard that for years! might be a great childrens sermon at some point... thanks for the reminder!