Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Discovering God's Miraculous Power

"Cooper Hall" has been turned into a Science Lab. "Scientists" are walking around with lab coats and beakers full of "gack." There is a "Mad Professor" loose in the building.... And all to help us discover God's miraculous power. Yes, friends, we are in the middle of Vacation Bible School!

One of the small scientists running around is our boy, Ben. He arrived on Saturday for his five week visit. A nine years old, we wondered if VBS would still be cool. Apparently it is, praise the Lord! He has even been helping out in the afternoons as the station leaders prepare their activities for the next day.

Today we are going to meet "Dewd" who helps us remember that Jesus gives us the power to be brave. I think it is pretty brave of us to have 70 kids in the building for the whole week, but our leaders are doing a great job ~ just proving that discovering God's miraculous power is cool at any age!

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