Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best Buddies

For seven years we have lived in a house divided ~ the upstairs for the cat, the downstairs for the dog. Rarely did the two ever meet. In fact, during their odd encounters early on fur would fly, furniture would be overturned, and someone (usually me) would end up with an injury. This led to fewer and fewer attempts to help them get along. In fact, we pretty much gave up on the idea.

That was until two weeks ago. After seriously considering it, we decided we couldn't bring another dog into a house divided. If we wanted to look into adding another furry friend to the family, the two furry friends who already live here would have to get along! Imagine our surprise when they joined us for breakfast, and even shared some breakfast themselves!

I attribute some of this change to my own growth and maturity. In the past, when we tried to bring them together, I would anxiously hover over them to make sure 'nothing bad' was going to happen. This time we decided just to let them be. They were able to work out their differences and are now, if not friends, typical brothers.

This whole process made me think of the church and how our attitudes affect the possibilities before us. If we go into something thinking 'this will never work' if probably won't. On the other hand, if we have the attitude that the next project or program is an adventure, an invite the Holy Spirit to be part of it, who knows what could happen. Hopefully it won't be seven years in the making!


NE/ME said...

Good Boys!! Nicky looks like he is proud of himself. Tell them to keep it up. Love, Grammy (to the boys)

LutheranChik said...

We also live in "a house divided," but not because of animosity. Our pup, Gertie, loves Mollie the cat too much -- much to Mollie's annoyance. This morning though -- after a long day trip away -- we caught Mollie giving Gertie a smooch and kitty kiss in an unguarded moment.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what an excellent analogy! i'm thinking it would form a great basis for a newsletter article... file it away my friend for the right moment!

and kudos to the furry friends...