Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've mentioned him several times, so I think it is time that you see him! This is 'Bady' our German Shepherd. Isn't he handsome? We went for another training session last night and Nicky came, too. Nicky is (as we knew) quite anxious around other dogs, but it could've been worse. He did try to bite at Bady and nipped our dog trainer instead. She didn't write Nicky off as a hopeless case, though, which is the good news. We will just have to bring Nicky back several more times before Bady comes home. Bady will have to learn to give Nicky his space and Nicky will have to learn to tolerate Bady. In the midst of this, Gary and I have to maintain that non-anxious presence. Not easy!

But for now we are enjoying getting to know Bady. Each time we see him more of his personality shines through. The plan is that he will be my partner in ministry ~ accompanying me to the office and generally being my shadow. He is eager to please and will make a wonderful addition to my life and our family (no matter what Nicky says :>).


Songbird said...

He is so handsome! I'm excited for you to have him as a partner in ministry.

feminist_mom said...

Go krista with Bady now in your life.... and i love the name of course too! Glad to know german shepherds are from Germany..duh!
Gives me great faith in them having many grands from german and germans from russia~