Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking up Space

For the first time in a long time I missed the majority of Annual Conference. Personal reasons (unbloggables, as one blogger calls them) caused me to arrive late and leave early. Yet, I was blessed by the time I spent did spend there. I was able to attend some sessions, process with the clergy at the Ordination Service, and catch up with some folks over meals. For me (and I'm sure for many others) Annual Conference is a homecoming of sorts.

And speaking of the Visible Community..... as I hid out on the balcony with some friends during a session, I looked around at those seated on the Conference floor and thought ~ this is indeed the Visible Community taking up space on earth. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We get bogged down in all sorts of ways. But we are the Body of Christ claiming our space in the world. Both a comfort and a challenge ~ Thanks be to God!

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