Monday, June 02, 2008

Old Friends

In my last post, when I wrote that we visited 'old friends,' I did not intended to imply that the friends themselves were old.... only that the relationships have been longterm! I have know Dave since high school, but Julie I have known a bit longer. We met during Story Hour at the library when we were two years old. We went to elementary school together, kept in touch during high school and college, and now see each other when we can ~ living three states apart and having busy lives.

Especially for me, as an only child, it is great to have such a long time friend. (Julie, as it happens, is an only child, too.) In Julie's little daughter I see Jules herself when we were five and playing with dolls, making up stories and using our imaginations. My mother said she always liked to have Julie come over because we would go off and play for hours by ourselves and she would never have to entertain us!

All those years ago I bet we never could have guessed how our lives would turn out. Me as a pastor living in Connecticut... She with her career and family (including three beautiful children). Yet we can still reminisce about Barbie Dream Houses, our 'Ghost Detection Service,' elementary school music lessons, and 8th grade "prom." Here's to old ~ ahem ~ longterm friends!

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