Friday, June 20, 2008

Animal Blessings

This Sunday is our annual Service of Animal Blessing. It is such a treat to gather with friends (new and old ~ two and four-footed) to celebrate the creatures God shares with us. As any one who reads this blog can tell you, I think animals are one of the most wonderful blessings in life. My boys give me great joy.... and we are even thinking of adding another four-footed friend to our family.

I didn't expect to run across an example of the joy animals can bring while I was reading The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. Yet, there is was. Corrie, in solitary confinement in prison for helping the Jews in Holland during World War II, writes:

And I was not alone much longer: into my solitary cell came a small busy back ant. I had almost put my foot where he was one morning as I carried my bucket to the door when I realized the honor being done to me. I crouched down and admired the marvelous design of legs and body. I apologized for my size and promised I would not so thoughtlessly stride about again.

After a while he disappeared through a crack in the floor. But when my evening peice of bread appeared on the door shelf, I scattered some crumbs and to my joy he popped out almost at once. He picked up a heroic piece, struggled down the hole with it and came back for more. It was the beginning of a relationship.

This just reminds me how God can bring hope and comfort in the most unexpected ways.

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