Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After a relatively productive few weeks (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Sunrise Easter bulletins are all done!) I've hit a slump. Procrastination seems to be the word for today. While choosing a pen to begin making notes for my sermon I noticed the extreme lack of organization in my pen jar! How could this be?? I spent the next ten minutes going through my pens and getting rid of the ones that I don't like or that don't work. Rest assured, all is in order now.

But my procrastination didn't stop there.... Even though I still have two months worth of contact lenses at home, today was THE day I had to go buy my new supply. And, since I was out anyway, there was certainly no harm in stopping at Best Buy and Great Harvest.

Now I am procrastinating by blogging! But it really is time to get to work. The Palm Sunday sermon still needs to be written and I am hoping to get a jump start on Holy Week and Easter.

But wait a second.... look at that... my bulletin board could really use some attention......

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