Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Five ~ Hope Edition

I'm leaving for the big Confirmation Retreat at Camp Aldersgate today, but I have time for a quick Friday Five! RevGal Sally writes, "I believe that if we look carefully we can see signs of hope all around us.... as for signs of spring... well you tell me.... What have you seen/ heard this week that was a :

1. Sign of hope?

The most exciting thing that happened this week was feeling my friend Stephanie's baby kick. It felt just like a little tap against my hand. How amazing! I can't wait to meet this little person.

2. An unexpected word of light in a dark place?

On Wednesday I visited a member who is currently living in a convalescent home. Doc is an amazing man in his 90's. For several years he has been writing a Bible Study on the Book of Revelation. I got to see the completed version and it is really very good. He is seeking my help to get it copyrighted. That he would take on such an ambitious project with his age and limitations in an inspiration.

3. A sign of spring?

Beautiful sun and 50 degree weather yesterday. I didn't even wear a coat!

4. Challenging/ surprising?

Challenging: Clergy Taxes. Need I say more?

5. Share a hope for the coming week/month/year....

I hope that the Confirmation Retreat goes well and the that weather forecast is wrong! I can't imagine what will happen with 80 kids shut up in the lodge for the weekend while it pours outside! No matter what happens, though, I hope that friendships will be made and faith deepened this weekend ~ for both youth and adult leaders.

Bonus play... a piece of music/ poem guaranteed to cheer you?

The Dixie Chicks Taking the Long Way always makes me feel hopeful. It reminds me that we don't always get there the way we or others think or expect, but we usually end up just where we are supposed to be.

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