Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back to Camp

It is time for our annual Conformation Retreat. My thoughts have not changed that much since I posted about it last year. I like these retreats in theory, but when the time gets closer I want to run screaming in the opposite direction! However, these kinds of retreats can be extremely valuable for the youth and their spiritual development, so I go ~ and I usually end up enjoying myself.

This year we have five youth and three adults from our church attending. We will join seventy other youth and adults, so this year's retreat will be much larger than last. One benefit of the retreat I find on a local level is that my confirmation youth return with a much stronger bond. They have shared a unique experience which makes them feel like a group. They have become friends.

As for my post retreat retreat, I'm thinking of the movie "Amazing Grace" along with dinner made by Gary and a foot massage!

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