Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Learning a New Song

My husband suggested that my last post was, perhaps, a little harsh. Sorry if that was so... But in any case, here is something brought a smile to my face. My grandmother wrote this poem when she was 80. No matter what our age, I believe we are all in the process of learning a new song. At least I hope so. Peace!

I’m Learning a New Song

My song fell away into a minor key.
I can’t sing it any more.
The notes came heavy and dark
That had always been my song
That I sang with confidence and strength.
No more. I’m learning a new song,
One I can sing with joy.
I haven’t sung for a while –
My voice is whispery and weak
And I must choose the notes with care.
I’m taking a green note for growing
And a gold note for warmth
And maybe later many shades,
But for now I’m working on the green and gold.

~ Harriet Eleanor Niles

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