Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Holy Space

Creating 'Holy Space' has been a topic of late at our Contemporary Worship and Visioning Team. After a recent meeting of interested members of the congregation if became clear that that majority want to keep worshiping in the Sanctuary. While we still do hope to someday move into a renovated worship chapel, that space will not be done for a while yet. The other options were to worship in our reception or fellowship hall. Those spaces would have been more intimate and flexible, but they would have lacked the sacred sense of being in a worship space.

So now we are left with the challenge of transforming our 700 seat sanctuary with fixed pews (which is perfect for our traditional worship gatherings) into a intimate worship space for 30 or so 'contemporary' folks. The first thing we did was rope off the vast majority of the pews so as to make everyone sit together on one side toward the front. We then focused our attention on one side of the sanctuary with art, flowers and an altar brought closer to the people for our weekly communion. We also have our screen for power point projection on that side of the worship space which helps to focus the gathering.

That said, we have to make this transformation in the 45 minute window between our traditional and contemporary services and then take it all down again at the end. It is working, though, and I am very pleased. We have a focus for our worship center, and intimate space where we can feel in community and a sense of the sacred. Does anyone else have experience in transforming such a space? I would love to hear your ideas!

(Many thanks to the creator of ASBO Jesus for the cartoon. Check out his website here.)

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