Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Glass Face Mountain

Here is a poem written by my Gram, Harriet Eleanor Niles:

Glass Face Mountain
(May 24, 1977)

Glass Face Mountain, look through the
morning mist
And across the river.
See us gathered at the window to
bear witness.
You have heard the killing word
spoken here,
Seen the numbing glance that destroys
And from which there is no returning.
There is a cold season when ice, like
glass, covers you face
And the leaves lie beneath the snow
then return a tender green.
We are on the side of life!
See us here at the window.
See us clearly as the mist rolls away
And the heron fishes the river.
We are not hollow people.
Our lips do not speak death.
Our eyes are warm to people and
all things beautiful.
We will keep the faith and though
we scatter
And though hollow people walk the earth,
Glass Face Mountain, until our
ashes mingle with the earth from
which you give rise,
Know that We Are Alive!

(Glass Face Mountain is in Oxford County, Maine near where my Aunt Diana used to live.)

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NE/ME said...

Thank you for Mom's poem. I posted the Valentine poem you sent me - I love it. Happy V-Day!