Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Creature of the Fog

Yesterday, while walking Nicky in the rain and fog, we met an adorable little cat. He just trotted up to us out of the fog and made a bee-line right for Nicky as if to say hello. Well, Nicky is not crazy about cats, so we distracted the little guy before Nicky was able to get a hold of them. (Yet, in the scuffle, we think Nicky managed to grab kitty's tale.)

Unfazed, the cat decided we were nice enough and joined us for our walk. He trotted along several paces behind, but close enough to make his presence known, always on the edge of the fog.

This may be a stretch, but kitty's presence made me think of God's grace. Showing up out of nowhere. Oblivious to our attempts to shoo it away. Tagging along, just on the edge of our awareness.

In Confirmation I am trying to help the kids understand Prevenient Grace ~ God's love for us before we are even aware of it. We didn't know that kitty would be joining us on our walk, but before we knew it, there he was. When we thought we'd lost him, we'd turn around and there he would be, trotting along behind us. Like God's grace, always there and ready to be welcomed into our hearts.


NE/ME said...

Is Kitty, like Grace, still with you? He sounds like a sweet little guy. Zeke would have accepted him better than Nicky. Did Nicky get used to the little tag-a-long?

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh kristabeth that's a lovely image of God's grace - i've often thought myself that God works in such surprising and ordinary ways - that if we're not careful we simply look right through.