Friday, February 15, 2008

Better things to do...

A conversation I had yesterday with our church sexton:

Me: "Have a good weekend."
Ken: "Yeah, you too. It's a long one!"
Me: "Yeah, well I think I'll have to come in Monday anyway."
Ken: "Why? (HaHa) Don't you have anything better to do."
Me: "Well, I have plenty better to do. I just have Finance Com and Lent Study and things I have to do...."

I was not pleased with this conversation. I do realize that most people just are not going to understand that I don't have a normal weekend like many other people. Having a calling is different than punching a time clock 9am-5pm. Ken is a nice and kind man and I know he didn't mean to get under my skin.

The truth is that there are plenty of things I would rather do on President's Day. I would love to have a long weekend to relax. go to the museum, read or shop. However, it occurs to me now that I don't really have better things to do. There is nothing better than serving and loving God's children. Right? Well, at least most days....

Response I wish I had in the tip of my tongue yesterday afternoon:

Ken: "Why? (HaHa) Don't you have anything better to do."
Me: "I'm saving people's souls, damn it! What more do you want?"

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

that woulda been a whopping good answer!